Something To Nothing - EP

by Sophia Danai

Something To Nothing We’ve become a casualty, but there’s some kind of relief when you take it apart and you realize we were nothing, we had nothing. Now you’re calling me out with friends You were always good on defence. You make it hard when I hear lies, you want me running, you want me running Never trust someone to eager to believe in you I shoulda known better I guess you’re wondering how I could even breathe without you Now you know better Never shoulda called me, never put it on me there’s a couple things I can’t repeat Only way you want me is hanging on a tight rope telling you I’ll never have the nerve to leave When you break it apart and you realize we were nothing When you break it apart and you realize we were nothing nothing, we’re nothing, nothing (repeated) I know you’re already onto the next someone lacking confidence You break em down to build up When they got nothing, that’s how you love em I know you want me to believe all of the success I receive, is based on what you gave me. You gave me something that turned to nothing I wish you never saw me I wish I never saw you I wish you never loved me I wish I never loved you Break it apart Take it apart Break it apart Take it apart To Nothing


Something To Nothing is Sophia Danai's second single from her upcoming record LOVE ROYALE. When you wake up from a period in life that proved itself to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors, the epiphany can be unforgiving and harsh. It can be difficult to decipher the truth of what transpired from your experience, which is always a reflection of your own reality. Over time, events get twisted and mis- shapen, to be remembered with love or hate is only in your power.


released February 2, 2016

PRODUCERS: Sophia Danai & Jonny Holisko
MIX: Watson Unlimited
MASTER: CPS Mastering Studios


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Sophia Danai Vancouver, British Columbia

Exploring lush soundscapes and deep soulful grooves, Sophia Danai delivers honest and passionate lyrics over a sonic field that ranges from alternative R&B to sultry Electro-Pop. Okayplayer dubbed Danai a mix of Billie Holiday and Portishead, adding she’s a “dynamic singer with an obvious foundation in soul,”

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