Love Royale

by Sophia Danai

Daytime Dreaming Everybody wants a view Blue Skies and good perfume I played a Queen and kissed a fool I won the game and watched you lose City lights upon my face All the boys just wanna taste I had a fever yesterday Doctor said take a holiday Chorus And go where all the trees they seem to grow 15 houses in a row I don’t need a reason Daytime’s Meant for dreaming Mama told me years ago I’d be in a picture show I don’t need a reason Daytime’s meant for dreaming Daytime’s Meant for Dreaming x2 Driving fast we’ll get there soon So we can waste the afternoon We’ll paint the town and make a scene be as happy as we seem It’s a party after all, numbers and lipstick on the wall I take these pills to pass the day Doctor said take a holiday Chorus So far so far so far away ... ### SOPHIADANAI.COM
Bitter I can’t unsee what I saw can’t undo what you did Your hand grabbing on her head while you gave her it You had your reasons and now you had your fix Your fate was the one that you sealed when it was me you hit Chorus Revenge is sweet when you taste it I gave back all that got me wasted Now can you feel how you’re jaded It’s so bitter going down, it’s so bitter going down, it’s so bitter going down (X3) I still want you and I hate myself for it It’s why I live in the pain you left me with When I’m not thinking of how to make you hurt I’m haunted by you making better love to her Chorus We always make excuses for the ones we love put em on a pedestal we’re runners up eventually the curtain lifts, we’ve seen enough yeah we fucked, there’s no trust, reputation through the mud. Long gone are the days of affection, I hear your name and get a chill of resentment When we cross like the gold on my pendent I turn around and walk the other direction. Cause I ain’t trying to see nothing, I already seen enough and I shoulda seen this coming. Need some girls to get over you least a couple dozen and I’ll hurt them, like you hurt me thinking nothing of it oh Fuck it Isn’t that what happens, you try to fill the void but the hole is everlasting pace maker passion, trying make my heart beat Told you that I loved you, and I never let my heart cheat. Chorus
Around You 04:14
Around You I want the part of me back that you said belonged to you When you leave it behind it always ends up haunting you I’ve been fighting myself wanting what I shouldn’t I’ve been hating myself while he’s doing what you couldn’t X3 Chorus I can’t help the way I feel around you I can’t help the way I am bound to you (X2) And the more you love me the tighter you make your grip The more I try to forget the more I let you in I know how you want it I know how you need it baby we got nothing left that’s more than just a feeling tell me you’re the answer, tell me you’re the reason wishing you were everything I wanted to believe in More than just a feeling Chorus (X2) Never gonna give up on you baby Never gonna give up on you baby Never gonna give up, never gonna give up no (X2) I can’t help the way I feel around you
How I Roll 03:14
How I Roll You keep on talking like you got all your shit figured out You keep on telling me what I’m on and what I should be about Chorus You don’t know, you don’t know how I roll, how I roll You don’t know, you don’t know how I roll, how we roll Leave it on the back step you know I just can’t let you get away with telling me all the things you’re so sure that I need One day when you need it, you’ll wanna repeat it, wrongs they follow you Even when you don’t think you need somebody X2 you do, you do, you do X2 Chorus You can keep on talking talking, boy you gotta lotta nerve Living famous no one’s calling Look at all those bridges burned Chorus
Wildfire 03:32
Wildfire You found me in darkness fear around me like a stone wall I could be heartless you wanted nothing or you wanted it all Never thought you’d be the one to carry me so far away Never thought you’d be the one to light a match and set me ablaze Chorus Now I’m a wildfire, a wildfire, a wildfire burning for you X2 Wildfire (repeats) I keep giving you reasons to walk away with no regret You keep breathing life into this love we have Now everything that haunted me is nothing but ash on the ground there’s a fire in the way you call my name I just can’t live without Chorus Like the dark begs for the day Like a spark becomes a flame Like the stars light up the night Like a phoenix taking flight Chorus
To All The Lovers Never knew I could love somebody after it could get so ugly You’ve seen me, at my worst it’s true. I’m watching you change with me becoming who we’re meant to be I feel it I know you feel it too Pre Chorus You are a light to me even the darkest parts of you I wanna see. We have all we need right here To the stars and back, the stars and back Chorus To all the loves always breaking up on the regular calling names yelling out all that could make em hurt if you got love and it’s making you crazy, tell me who’s been loving you baby X2 We fought bad in the beginning lost more than we were winning we said things that we couldn’t forget We hung on long enough to let go You’re not afraid to let me grow, you love me all of me Pre Chorus Chorus Outro
Something To Nothing We’ve become a casualty, but there’s some kind of relief when you take it apart and you realize we were nothing, we had nothing. Now you’re calling me out with friends You were always good on defence. You make it hard when I hear lies, you want me running, you want me running Pre Chorus Never trust someone to eager to believe in you I shoulda known better I guess you’re wondering how I could even breathe without you Now you know better Chorus Never shoulda called me, never put it on me there’s a couple things I can’t repeat Only way you want me is hanging on a tight rope telling you I’ll never have the nerve to leave When you break it apart and you realize we were nothing When you break it apart and you realize we were nothing nothing, we’re nothing, nothing (repeated) I know you’re already onto the next someone lacking confidence You break em down to build up When they got nothing, that’s how you love em I know you want me to believe all of the success I receive, is based on what you gave me. You gave me something that turned to nothing Pre Chorus Chorus Pre Chorus I wish you never saw me I wish I never saw you I wish you never loved me I wish I never loved you Break it apart Take it apart Break it apart Take it apart To Nothing
Boom Boom 02:39
Boom Boom On a day like today thinking I’ll take a hit If I had me some money I’d be gambling it cause the sun is shining on me (X2) After a blue moon we’ll meet up at high noon and leave all our worries behind Forget what they told us and all that they showed us and never, never they mind Chorus Boom Boom if you want to, Boom Boom C’mon Boom Boom if you want to Boom Boom (X2) Maybe I’ll take a trip sit by the fan and imagine down the hole with the rabbit now that’s my kinda magic and the Sun is shining on me, the Sun is suing on me Make no mistake we leave early come late and there’s no place better to be I know what you want and it’s not what you need but you’re in good company Chorus (X2) I hope you find your way to me, I hope you find you way (X2)
Ours To Know 03:58
Ours To Know I know just the place that we can go We can smoke one and be alone I know just what I’m gonna do When I get you there baby come over here Pre-Chorus Did you ever think we’d be two of us in so deep, all I wanna do is get down X2 Chorus: And when you call me, I’m coming, I’m running to ya I want you, you want me and it’s that easy We can keep it on the low Cause we don’t want no one knowing where we go it ours to know Ours to know I know of a place that we can go we can sit around smoke just take it slow I know of a place where we can be alone X2 Pre Chorus Chorus
Permanent 03:53
Permanent Sometimes I wish I didn’t worry so much so I could love you more, love you more Give myself away completely right down to the core, right down to the core Cause when I’m with you I just can’t get close, I can’t get close enough I wanna feel you everywhere I wanna feel too much Even if the world tries to tear us, tries to tear us apart Even if the world tries to tear us, tries to tear us (X2) Tear us apart (X3) Everywhere I go, this mark on my soul it’s permanent The way that we kiss, baby it’s a trip I’m loving it Sometimes I wish I could lose myself so I could find you, so I could find you You make it look so easy to love me, yeah that’s what you do, that’s what you do The more I’m with you, the more I need I need you more and more I wanna forget everything, yeah all that came before Chorus


For her brand new album Love Royale, Sophia empowered herself with creative control as an independent artist, spending the last two years since her debut honing her production skills and collaborating with a variety of artists and producers such as Grammy Award winning, Jon Brown (Meghan Trainor, Pink) and Vancouver's Matt Brevner. Love Royale puts the raw beauty of Sophia Danai’s voice on centre stage, backed by gritty, deep electronic grooves and accented by hip hop cameos over ten original tracks. Inspired by the personal and creative changes Sophia has grown through in the last few years, she delivers honest and passionate lyrics over a sonic field that ranges from alternative R&B to sultry Electro-Pop. Love Royale is about acknowledging your demons, and finding strength in standing alone. Recognizing the law of love, and accepting that we all belong to it, for better and for worse.




released March 1, 2016

Daytime Dreaming
Song : Sophia Danai, Daniel Tennenbaum, Jon Brown
Producer : Daniel Tennenbaum, Jon Brown

Song : Sophia Danai, Matthew Brevner
Producer : Matthew Brevner

Around You :
Song: Sophia Danai, Matthew Brevner
Producer : Sophia Danai, Matthew Brevner

How I Roll
Song : Sophia Danai, Omar Khan
Producer : Omar Khan

Song: Sophia Danai, Matthew Brevner
Producer : Sophia Danai, Matthew Brevner

To All The Lovers
Song : Sophia Danai, Omar Khan
Producer : Sophia Danai, Omar Khan

Something To Nothing
Song : Sophia Danai, Jon Holisko
Producer : Sophia Danai, Jon Holisko

Boom Boom
Song : Sophia Danai, Jon Brown
Producer: Jon Brown

Ours To Know
Song : Sophia Danai, Matt Brevner
Producer : Sophia Danai, Matt Brevner

Song : Sophia Danai
Producer : Sophia Danai

Mixed: Watson Unlimited
Mastered : Cps Mastering
℗ Sophia Danai


all rights reserved



Sophia Danai Vancouver, British Columbia

Exploring lush soundscapes and deep soulful grooves, Sophia Danai delivers honest and passionate lyrics over a sonic field that ranges from alternative R&B to sultry Electro-Pop. Okayplayer dubbed Danai a mix of Billie Holiday and Portishead, adding she’s a “dynamic singer with an obvious foundation in soul,”

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