Wishing Well

by Sophia Danai

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That Voice Love the abstract nature of Sophia Danai's music. Beautiful soul who makes beautiful music. Respect Favorite track: Falling (feat. Shad).


'Wishing Well' the debut work from Vancouverite Sophia Danai brings a sound that is classic through timeless and thought provoking lyrics together with melodies that are haunting but always heart warming. The voice sounds like you may have heard it before but you also know that without a doubt, it's a new kind of soul, a new outlook on classic sentiments.

Produced by 2 time Grammy winner Chin Injeti with co-production by LA powerhouse and 2 time Grammy winner DJ Khalil as well as DJ mastermind Skratch Bastid, 'Wishing Well' blends an eclectic mix of sounds, eras and instruments into a complete and well-rounded vehicle that carries the thoughtful words of Sophia.

'Wishing Well' also brings features by Hip-Hop legend Talib Kweli, acclaimed Canadian emcee Shad and guitar master Mark Whitfield. With features this varied one can see where Sophia pulled inspiration from and how wide a spectrum those who support her come from.

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For info/to book Sophia Danai - sophiadanai@gmail.com


released April 23, 2013

℗ 2013 The Hastings Set
Produced by Chin Injeti for The Hastings Set
Mixed/Mastered by Gareth Griffiths
Photo: Kin Chan
Artwork: Aidan Wright



all rights reserved



Sophia Danai Vancouver, British Columbia

Exploring lush soundscapes and deep soulful grooves, Sophia Danai delivers honest and passionate lyrics over a sonic field that ranges from alternative R&B to sultry Electro-Pop. Okayplayer dubbed Danai a mix of Billie Holiday and Portishead, adding she’s a “dynamic singer with an obvious foundation in soul,”

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Track Name: Let It Fly
Let It Fly
Hey there
Hi there
Lo there
Can we go there?
Where we never go
Where we can love at last
oh babe
all these people run in circles
for what we have found

Leave the promises
take the day as it is
it’s our time
let it fly

you say it ain’t easy
I say catch the feeling
the symptoms say
that we got it bad
all these people run in circles
for what we have found

let it fly
Track Name: Tik Tok
Tik Tok
Met my baby at the 5 and dime
looked so good let him skip the line
asked for his number then I gave him mine
cause a girl like me can’t waste no time

days go by
moments slide
close your eyes
there goes life
might be late
take a chance
clap your hands

Tik Tok One o’clock
Tik Tok Two o’clock
Tik Tok three o’clock
time it don’t stop for anyone
tik tok 5 o’clock
tik tok 6 o’clock
one by one the seconds run
time it don’t stop for anyone

can’t repeat
can’t skip a beat
what you got is all you need
trying to make good with what I got
tired of making circles around the block
it don’t matter if you’re ready or not
it don’t stop no it don’t stop

can’t own it
you can use it
some spend it
some lose it
once it’s gone can’t get it back
won’t somebody tell me what to do with that

time it don’t stop for anyone
Track Name: Money
I’m talking bout Money, Money,Money
Money,Money, Money

If I had money
I’d tell you what I’d do
I’d go downtown and buy some fancy shoes
but just like jack
I still got jack
waiting for my golden egg to crack

the day my dreams are done
is the day I die young
the day I’m done the day I’m done
shame there goes another one

If I had money
I’d be so fly
I’d have a gold cumberbund
and a gold bow tie
a parrot on my shoulder repeating my lines
just making sure that you heard me right

I got my gold watch
gold rock
everybody know that gold talks
paved a lane with my name
on the Golden Gate bridge
and it all lights up
when I’m coming in
the day my dreams are done
is the day I die young
the day I’m done the day I’m done
shame there goes another one

If I had money
Track Name: Higher Baby
Higher Baby
She gave herself to him
after many of his tries
he spits out his shame
makes his mouth run dry
she brings down the shades
it’s a lazy afternoon
when he looks at her that way
it brings out the mid day moon

higher baby
it goes higher baby
higher baby
we go higher baby

Silence fills the space
gives them something to believe in
he takes her to a place
hidden in the evening
falling in to form
whispers turn to breathing
they came to this alone
not knowing what to leave with

higher baby
it goes higher baby
higher baby
we go higher baby
Track Name: What Could Be (feat. Mark Whitfield)
What Could Be (feat. Mark Whitfield)
I wonder what
we could be
If you could make
me happy
I wonder if
it really works
If love is love
just when it hurts
Or maybe what
they say is true
Only a flame
when it’s new
It dies
when you get to used to
all the things that
lovers do
Track Name: Wish You Well
Wish You Well
I feel your cold cold eyes
on my back like a knife
shivers here you come
ice ice thin
slip crack now you’re in
shivers here you come

I grabbed your hand to save you but you
dragged me down to hell
No one can ever replace you
but I wish you well

I wish you well
I wish you well
I wish you well

you’re on my mind
on my mind
I am sick out of time
trying to wash you off
seep seep in
always staining where you been
I gotta wash you off

I said love
I said love won’t you leave me alone
Track Name: Falling (feat. Shad)
Falling (feat. Shad)
I would walk through winter snow
brave the cold all on my own
if I knew the path
would lead to you

When I dream and when I wake
there is no rest and no escape
my rattling heart in a happy cage

Falling Falling for you
comes so easily
you’ll always and forever
have a piece of me

In the night you came to me
a satellite that’s broken free
from penny lane to city streets

you found me
I turn my face into the sun
beaming down on me
oh you’re my golden one
I even hear you in the breeze
calling me love
Track Name: Now I Know
Now I Know
Everybody’s telling me
just what I got to do
But the only thing
that ever made
any sense was you

Now I Know
just how dreams are made
Now I Know
just how we are saved
Now I Know

Seems we can’t get away
from all these silly squares
all these people busy telling us
we are not prepared
for the world they see
oh our love might be
what sets them free

all we needed was a little faith
to set us straight
a little help from something else
that we could not explain
so the two of us
could finally
live in trust
Track Name: The End (feat. Talib Kweli)
The End (feat. Talib Kweli)
All my days are numbered
All my days
Oh what a daze I'm under
Oh what a daze

Found each other looking
she was perching,
he was standing tall
A shotgun wedding
and a baby coming in the fall
Forty years later she's burying
what he gave her with a cross
She had his good suit pressed
wishing she could come along

We all want to live forever
At least die together
Our hope, this won't be

The End.

They tell her keep believing
that the good lord
will receive him well
That's all that's left
as far as she can tell
It's anybody's guess
where we're finally
put to rest in the end,
you best live well
while you can, while you can

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